Request a HOPE Kit

Painting at IUIf you are a cancer patient, going through treatment and would like to request a Kit for yourself, please click here to print the form.

If you would like to send a HOPE Kit to someone with cancer please visit Gifts of HOPE.

To sponsor a HOPE Kit, or become a patron of Creating Hope, or to donate to Creating Hope, click here.

We are often asked to explain our policy of providing HOPE Kits at no charge to cancer patients, which we will continue to do as long as funds are available.
Cancer patients going through treatment can receive as a gift, at their own request, a HOPE Kit at no cost to them. The request form (available here) requires their signature and is mailed to Creating Hope for acceptance. We only mail HOPE Kits to US locations.

If you would like to send a Gift of HOPE (whether for yourself, a patient, caregiver or friend) we ask for a donation to cover our expenses. Payment options include PayPal, or Credit Card. We also accept checks that can be mailed to the Creating Hope office. See the printable Gifts of Hope order form.

Thank you for your generous support and for helping us honor Jeanette’s mission to help people cope with cancer.