Art as Therapy

Coloring: Art as TherapyLife is rarely a black and white proposition. Most of us are under stress. Stress from work, stress from life in general and sometimes stress due to illness–our own or that of a loved one.

The fortunate thing is that the body’s physiology can change from one of stress to one of deep relaxation: from one of fear to one of creativity and inspiration.

Art and music can put us in a different brain wave pattern; affecting every cell in the body, creating a healing that can change our immune system and blood flow to all our organs.  Art and music can change our emotional state and pain perception. They help us feel more hopeful, and help us cope with difficulties.

When our mind is relaxed, and not challenged, the body produces natural healing compounds called endorphins and other chemicals. Endorphins are natural stress and pain relievers.

Creating Hope activities are designed to relax the mind and alleviate stress. Whether you are coloring, or painting a bookmark – you will find doing this kind of active meditation can take you to a new level of relaxation; one where stressful thoughts and worries can easily be put aside.

When we hear the term meditation, we think of sitting still. Active meditation takes us to another level. The repetitive motion of your hand while coloring, for example,  shifts your body to a relaxed state. Remember as a child the sense of peace and enjoyment you felt while coloring?  Now adults have turned to coloring as a way to reduce stress.

We encourage you to play some soothing music, perhaps brew a cup of tea and try coloring one of our drawings. They are designed to help your mind relax.