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the HOPE KitWatercolor_Bookmark_Painting_small

The HOPE Kit contains art materials and instructions for painting watercolor bookmarks. Bookmarks are easy and fun to paint. No special art talent is required. We have provided detail instructions for painting bookmarks. Why not give it a try? The experience will take you to another place, one that is relaxing and meditative. Let us see your work and we’ll share it with others with postings to our art gallery.

Please select one of the following options to take the next step in sponsoring, sending, or receiving a HOPE Kit:


I want to sponsor a HOPE Kit for a cancer patient that I don’t know.


I want to sponsor a HOPE Kit and have it sent to someone I know.


I am a cancer patient currently undergoing treatment and want to request a HOPE Kit for myself.

The Hope Kit contains all of the materials to give a patient the opportunity to start the creative process, including easy to use self-teaching guides.

Watercolor Painting KitThe Watercolor HOPE Kit Includes:
Creating Hope Canvas Tote
Watercolor Book,
“You Can Do It!” Spiral Bound Book
Watercolor Paints
Watercolor Pad
Watercolor Brushes
Waterproof Pen
Roll of Masking Tape

Watercolor Painting KitThe Meditation Coloring HOPE Kit Includes:
Creating Hope Neoprene Slip Case
Spiral Bound Coloring Book
Woodless Pencils, 12-color set
Pencil Sharpener


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