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About Creating Hope

Inspirational BookmarksCreating Hope is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization founded in 2000 by 36 year old Jeanette Gianfagna Shamblen who was a breast cancer patient. Although she was not an artist (read Jeanette’s story) she found that when she painted she felt better, and wanted to share that message with other cancer patients. She founded Creating Hope to help people cope with cancer through self-expression and creativity…inspiring them to find their way through each day toward survival.

As part of our mission, Creating Hope provides art materials and art events at no cost to cancer patients. This is one way we can help in the fight against cancer - offering patients the opportunity to express themselves creatively and to experience the healing it can bring.

Studies have found that creative expression is not only necessary in the healing process, but actually enriches the lives of women, men and children during one of the most stressful experiences of their lifetime.

This is a time during which research is resulting in awareness, earlier diagnosis and better treatment options. Fortunately more and more treatment centers and doctors are realizing that the medical treatment of cancer is only part of the path toward healing. Creating Hope was founded to help cancer patients use art expression as part of the healing process.

Your donation and support will directly impact a person's life, sparking their creativity and inspiring hope in their ability to survive cancer and treatment.

*Bookmarks similar to the ones displayed here are available in Gifts of Hope.


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